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Every year, we do a special program called the Summer Reading List. As we're preparing for this year's show, we want to know what YOU, our fans and listeners, are planning to read this year.

Do you think of conspiracy theories as the kind of theories that paranoid nutjobs relentlessly like to spout? Before you judge all conspiracy theories in a single stroke, you should consider that there are conspiracy theories that you probably believe. And with good reason.

What do nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons all have in common? It can’t just be that they’re all horrible. Is it because they're more destructive or efficient than any others that we call them Weapons of Mass Destruction?

The great English philosopher Thomas Hobbes famously said that in the state of nature, life is solitary, brutish and short -- as if nature designed people to act alone, rather than together.   But acting together is one of the most natural things in the world. If we never acted together, there would be no families, no teams, no countries. But what exactly is it to act together? 


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