Truth & Other Fictions

We've titled this week's show "Truth – and Other Fictions."  Now that’s a provocative title, since truth is usually opposed to fiction.  So why don’t we break it down and start with truth.  

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Good, Evil, and the Divine Plan

This Sunday we're asking about Good, Evil, and the Divine Plan. The question is: if God knows all, is all-powerful, and is benevolent, why did He create a world with suffering, evil and injustice in it?  That’s what philosophers call “The Problem of Evil”.  

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Two Concepts of Safe Space

Sometimes people want a place where they’ll be free from identity-based insult. But sometimes people want a place where they can talk freely about ideas without having to worry about being declared offensive. It’s legitimate to hope for both kinds of place. Loosely speaking, both can be dubbed “safe spaces.” But immediately a difficulty arises: the two kinds of safe space are often (not always) at cross-purposes.

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