Does Science Advance?

Does science progress in a cumulative way?  In other words, do later scientific theories build upon earlier ones by keeping older established truths about the world, and adding us more truths?  The standard answer, familiar from Whiggish history and brief historical asides in scientific textbooks, is that it does.

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The Power and Perils of Satire

Satire involves the use of humor to ridicule and shame people or institutions. It’s a potent tool for exposing society’s ills, especially when it comes to politicians and other powerful people. It's the perfect way to take them down a peg or two. That’s the power of satire.

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Does Neuroscience Threaten Free Will?

Are our choices ever truly free? The philosophical problem of free will is a deep and abiding one that has been around since at least the time of the Ancients. And as our knowledge of the human brain has grown over the last century, the problem of free will has gotten even more complicated.

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