Wanting More Life

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A Philosophical Shout Out

A Philosophical Shout-out, April 1st For pledge week at KALW we've decided to do something different: we're having a Philosophical Shout-Out, and we want you to join in too. Here's you chance to tell us what's on your mind. Tell us about your favorite philsophical ideas and puzzles. Stump the philosophers with a conundrum to solve, match wits with Ian Shoales, and wander down the philosophical highways and byways with our Roving Philosophical Reporters. Here's How:

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David Hume died in August, 1776, at the age of 65 --- rather young, by my standards (I'm 64) but not unusually so for that age, I guess.  The death is well-documented in literature.  Realizing that he was dying, Hume wrote his short, charming Autobiography.  His student and friend Adam Smith wrote a moving account of Hume's last days.  And, most interesting for our purposes, his fellow Scot James Boswell, most famous for his biography of Dr.

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