Evolutionary Psychology: A Defense -- Sort of!

It's amazing how divided opinions are about evolutionary psychology.    Some very fine philosophers and cognitive  scientists are  really big fans of  the genre.    Other equally fine philosophers and cognitive scientists appear to  see little of merit in it.   The philosopher of biology John Dupre, who was a guest on our show a few weeks back talking about genetic determinism, says the following about the  evolutionary psychology of sex and gender:

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Sex, Prostitution, and Well-lived Lives

First, I want to thank Debra Satz for being our guest on the show yesterday.  It was interesting and fun.  I hope it was also enlightening.  The discussion certainly provoked lots of calls, e-mails, and even comments on the blog.  Even in philosophy, sex sells, I guess.

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The American Heritage Dictionary defines prostitution as “the act or practice of engaging in sex acts for hire.”  This definition may be a little obsolete.  First, while people of my generation include such things as oral sex under the term “sex acts,” the term now is often restricted to sexual intercourse.  Whether this is the effect of President Clinton’s use, or he was in fact simply very up-to-date, I do not know.  But if you look at online solicitations of prostitution, such as on Craig’s List under “erotic services,” you can see that the more restricted use is common.  Some ads say “

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