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For nine years, Stanford University has provided basic funding for Philosophy Talk. But in order to continue this bold experiment in intelligent radio and provide timely, thought-provoking content to our listeners, basic funding isn’t enough. That means we need to find additional sources of funding and, from time to time, we will be asking our listeners to consider the value of Philosophy Talk and donate to the show. In an effort to provide the most value we can offer to our listeners and to build a strong relationship with our fans, we are building an exciting new online community devoted to considered deliberation on all manner of philosophical inquiry and thought.

Therefore, we are pleased to announce that you, a valued subscriber, will be made a Founding Member of Philosophy Talk’s online Community of Thinkers! Philosophy Talk fans, as well as guest bloggers from a wide variety of academic disciplines, will constitute our Community of Thinkers: a community built on the dispassionate pursuit of truth and the sharing of ideas and insights about all matters worthy of philosophical reflection.

Anyone who creates a Profile will be able to comment on discussions and blogs, but Members enjoy a large number of benefits in the Community, including the ability to initiate discussions, write blogs, attend real-time chats with Philosophy Talk guests, etc.

You can become a Philosophy Talk Member by donating to Philosophy Talk at the levels shown below.

Your donation enables Philosophy Talk to continue to provide a critical corrective for the media’s inability to adequately consider its basic assumptions. So, we ask and encourage you to think about what Philosophy Talk means to you and how it influences the broader conversation, and give what you can.

Please be part of this effort to bring critical thought and intelligent discussion to a broad audience in an accessible, unintimidating manner.

Member Levels and Benefits

Contributing Partner: $35
Continued Weekly Podcast; Ability to initiate, and participate in, discussions within the Community, and participate in real time chats with Philosophy Talk guests.

Sustaining Partner: $75
All of the above, plus a personal discussion forum with blog space in the Community, and behind the scenes event access.

Strategic Partner: $250
All of the above, plus recognition on our website (if desired.)

The show must go on! Please help us keep Philosophy Talk on the air!




Ziv Tepman
: "When I heard Philosophy Talk for the first time, I thought, "These are exactly the types of topics I think about almost every day, I didn't realize other people have thought about these things as much as I have!" It's really wonderful that someone has taken the very complex world of philosophy and found ways to make it relevant to my everyday life."


Tom Lockard
: "Philosophy Talk is a unique radio gem. I might be compelled to turn on the TV if Taylor and Perry go commercial! Until then, Philosophy Talk gives meaning to podcasts."


Dan Ringer-Barwick: "Almost all other radio tries, one way or the other, to tell you what to think. Philosophy Talk is unique in teaching you how to think. That's worth supporting."


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